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Illegal Tender Rum Co Cash In At The IWSC Awards

1808 Barely Legal & Bustucker Spiced

Illegal Tender Rum Co have raked in a whopping three more awards this year as part of The International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 held in the UK!

The IWSC Awards allow wines and spirits from all over the world to compete and get the attention they rightly deserve. These awards provide recognition and prestige, winners get amazing PR and marketing opportunities.

1808 Barely Legal took home Silver as well as a Bronze in the packaging award

Bushtucker Spiced also won recognition with a Bronze for packaging

This adds onto our earlier triumphs this year with awards from the San Francisco Spirit Competition and the SIP awards.

So fellow legends – the legend continues!

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Illegal Tender Rum Co win Australia Post Regional Pitchfest


Codie and myself represented Illegal Tender Rum Co at the Australia Post Regional Pitchfest in Bunbury on the weekend.

We are both super excited to announce that we won the WA division of the award and are on our way to Wagga Wagga next month for the Australian finals!

Australia Post Regional Pitchfest is an opportunity to pitch your business or idea to a live audience and expert panel for the chance to win a share of $100,000 in prizes. They are looking for regional Australia’s innovators and entrepreneurs and provide them a platform to launch from and also a spotlight on the great opportunities in regional areas across the country.

Applicants are given the opportunity to undertake pitch and business growth training. The top five applicants from each state and territory take the stage between June and July 2017. Flights and accommodation are included for each finalist.

The regional final was held at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and it was great to see Codie represent our brand so well and win over even more converts to The Brand in the process.

We want to thank our awesome clients and supporters (legends one and all) for getting behind us. We have come so far in the past year and looking forward to seeing how far we can take The Brand.

Wagga Wagga – here we come!!

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The History of Rum – Part Two – Navy Rum

Glass of Hot Rum

Ahoy Legends!

As we continue to peel back the layers of that drink we all love – today I am going to tell you about “Navy Rum”.

Depending on how many you have had already, it shouldn’t surprise you that Navy Rum was a product of the British Royal Navy in the 1600s.

Prior to 1655, the drink of preference for an old salt was French Cognac but after the Brits seized the island of Jamaica they quickly substituted Cognac for the good stuff.

Rum has enjoyed a rich history but perhaps none finer than the legend of Horation Nelson who died at the Battle of Trafalgar. Although he won the battle, he didn’t get a chance to enjoy the fruits of his success. His loyal troops decided to preserve his body in a vat of Rum for the journey back to Blighty. Things didn’t go exactly to plan – when they cracked the cask open in England they found it be empty (except for old Horatio). Did he drink it from the after life? Did his body absorb the Rum? None of the above – the crew had drilled a hole in the bottom and drained the Rum off during the journey home. We like their #endeavour! To this day some still call Rum “Nelson’s Blood”.

So next time you raise a glass of the good stuff and salute Lord Nelson with a tot of Nelson’s Blood!

Pictured above – Hot Buttered Rum – a healthy shot of our spiced, mix with hot melted butter and brown sugar, boiling water, season with nutmeg and cinnamon.

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The History of Rum – Part One

Rum & Cola Cuba Libre

OK legends – on those cold winter nights while you are mulling the world through a glass of the good stuff – hopefully a drop of our award winning spiced your thoughts may stray to just what is “Rum” and where did it all begin.

Glad you asked!

Peeps have been distilling, brewing and fermenting stuff since long before we had Wikipedia but common knowledge indicates the original Rums likely started in ancient India or China and then once travellers got a taste of the good stuff, well it spread from there. Malaysian “Brum” has been made for 10s of centuries and appears to be one of the possible origins of today’s “Rum”. Marco Polo documented his encounter with “sugar wine” in the 14th century in Iran. So although the origins predate our memories it is certain that every country now has their own tot of the good stuff.

The Brits gave rations of “Navy Rum” to their sailors, although at 95.5 proof they quickly advised that it be mixed with lime juice or water lest the crew went mad and fell overboard!

Here in Australia, Rum was even a currency in colonial times. Conditions were said to be so damned uncomfortable that a good bottle of Rum was the only thing to help the population forget their woes. In fact labourers were enticed with a bottle of Rum to encourage them to work the land of their masters. Sounds like a good deal!

Here at Illegal Tender Rum Co we are eagerly awaiting the count down to our first official batch of the good stuff that we reckon we will commit to Wikipedia so people will remember where our legend began!

Pictured above: a “Cuba Libre” – white rum, lime juice and your favourite cola on the rocks with a wedge of lime – cheers!

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Illegal Tender Rum Co – Community Sponsorship Program


Illegal Tender Rum Co are pleased to open applications for community sponsorship over the 2017 / 2018 Financial year.

We are proud of our Mid West WA roots and have been supporters of a number of community initiatives and community groups since our founding.

If you are a not for profit community organisation or sporting group based in the Mid West of Western Australia – now is the time to apply!

Over the past year we have been involved with these great initiatives:

Breast Cancer WA
Karratha Water Polo Club
Police Legacy
Eneeaba Camp Draft

Plus a host of other functions with silect auctions, raffles etc.

So – it is over to you. Visit our sponsorship page, fill out the form and we will get back to you after we go through the applications.

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Cellar Door Countdown

Those of you following our progress will know that we are eagerly counting down the day to our first official “De-Vatting” of awesome Rum!

We are pleased today to announce another event to count down to – the opening of our own cellar door which we are very excited about.

If everything lines up we plan to be open in September offering a range of experiences and products you won’t find anywhere else:

  • One on one tours
  • Group tours
  • Sample our awesome products
    • Illegal Tender Rum Co chutneys that will make your cheese platters zing!
    • Illegal Tender Rum Co sauces for ribs to die for!
  • Specially numbered bottles
  • Limited Edition merchandise

We are planning to include luncheons so you can enjoy great food with our partner stockists with perfectly paired drinks.

Special events for bucks night tours featuring the complete cellar experience plus a fishing charter to send you sailing on your way to married life.


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Business Local Achiever Award

Holy Sh@t! – we were thrilled to be recognised at the 2016 / 2017 Mid West Business Excellence Awards!

Illegal Tender Rum Co received the Business Local Achiever Award sponsored by the Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Codie and I had a great night at the awards and appreciated the recognition.
There are some truly amazing businesses and organisations doing some great work in the Mid West and events like this highlight what they are doing.

This caps off a great 12 months which has seen Illegal Tender Rum Co win:

Platinum Design Award at the Sip Awards for Individual Bottle Design
Silver Medal at the Sip Awards in the Spiced Rum category
Bronze Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the White Rum category

It is exciting to see Aussie spirits performing so strongly on the world stage.

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Cocktails: Bush Tucker Mojito

Bush Tucker Mojito


45ml Spiced Illegal
15ml apricot brandy (any apricot liquors)
30ml lime juice
5-7 mint leaves
2 drops of orange bitter


Method: build ( add all the  ingredients into the  glass, add crushes ice, use spoon to mix)
Garnish: Mint sprig and orange zest
Glass : Collins or highball