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Mother’s Day Cocktail Ideas

This Sunday spoil your mum with one of two smashing cocktails ideas below. Or alternatively both. 



Blushing Mama

This lavender themed Daiquiri is a sweet sipping and classy cocktail Mum will love. You might love it too!

60ml 1808 Barely Legal
30ml Lime juice
15ml Lavender syrup
5ml Grenadine

Pour all ingredients into a Boston glass/shaker
Add ice and shake hard
Double strain in a coupette/ cocktail glass

Lime zest

Mama Spritza

60ml Spiced 20ml
20ml Orange Juice 
Capi Sparkling Cranberry Juice
6-8 mint leaves

Pour the Spiced and Orange Juice into a wine glass
Clap together the mint leaves and add
Add ice cubes and top up with the sparkling cranberry juice

Mint sprig and orange slice

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Another World Award

Hey Legends!

So.. after having to wait a while under embargo we can now officially announce to you guys/gals that the 1808 Barely Legal has been awarded the Bronze medal at the World Rum Awards in the 'Column Still - Unaged' Category.

It's a little confusing because the Gold and Silver Medals were won by 'Aged' rums.

And, since we can't call it 'White Rum' in Australia (for legal reasons), we can probably say that our little distillery in Dongara produces the Best unaged Cane Spirit (made in a column still from dark brown cane sugar) in THE WORLD!

This is an absolutely huge achievement and we are very very excited about this result and what it means for our barrel aged rum to be released later in the year!

Another award to add to our repertoire and our 10th international spirit award!

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Gunfire Breakfast Cocktails

The Gunfire Breakfast is an Anzac Day tradition which honours the dead and unites the living.

In Australia and New Zealand on ANZAC Day, a version of Gunfire with black coffee instead is served to soldiers before dawn services as part of the "gunfire breakfast".

Archaeological evidence shows that Australian and Allied soldiers were given rum in April 1915. A fragment of a rum flagon was uncovered, bearing the letters SRD, which stand for Service Ration Depot.

Gunfire Breakfast was the name given to the breakfast taken by soldiers prior to a morning battle. During World War One, this may have included biscuits and jam served with coffee laced with rum or condensed milk. It was prepared and eaten in darkness to the likely sound of exploding munitions and served cold as any fires or smoke would have given away their position to the enemy.

To commemorate this tradition we’ve created two cocktail recipes as Australian as ANZAC Day: The Hot Spiced Gunfire and the Cold Spiced Gunfire for you to try.

Thanks to Bar Lafayette in Perth for allowing us to prepare and photograph at their premises.

Hot Spiced Gunfire Breakfast Cocktail

Ingredients: 45 ml Spiced, 10ml brown sugar syrup, 1 shot of espresso and a little hot water. 25ml double cream,

Method: Add all the ingredients (except the cream) in to a coffee mug/latte cup and stir to make sure the brown sugar has dissolved.  Then place a bar spoon or teaspoon at the top of the liquid and gently pour the double cream on to it and it should float.

Glass: Coffee mug/ latte cup

Garnish: 3 coffee beans and an Anzac biscuit

Cold Spiced Gunfire Breakfast Cocktail

Ingredients: 45 ml Spiced, 10 ml coconut cream, 1 shot of cold espresso and 15 ml dark sugar syrup.

Method: Add all ingredients into a rocks glass, then add a little crushed ice to half glass and churn. Then add more crushed ice to fill, and garnish.

Glass: Rocks glass / old fashioned

Garnish: Cracked cinnamon quill, orange peel, cinnamon powder, coffee beans,

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Tasting Event – 9th March – Jurien Bay

Stefano Hosting Venue Tasting

Come and meet our Brand Ambassador Stefano and try a taster of our award-winning Spiced and 1808 Barely Legal spirits, take advantage of a special offer and pick up a complimentary cocktail suggestion menu.

10% Discount: From the 5/03/18 till the 10/03/18.

When: Friday 09-03-18 from 3pm to 6pm

Where: Jurien Bay Liquor Store
Lot 3, Shop 10
Jurien Bay Shopping Centre


Call: 96521172

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1808 Barely Legal Wins Gold at China Wine and Spirits Awards Best Value 2018

The Illegal Tender Rum Co just hit Gold (again) at the China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA), one of the most influential wine and spirits competition in the APAC region. Winning a Gold medal at CWSA is the ultimate seal of approval in the booming Chinese drinks market.

Long renowned internationally as the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China, CWSA Judges are the most powerful buyers in China.

‘CWSA Best Value 2018’ was the biggest on record with an excess of 5,000 samples from 55 countries around the world. High profile entrants include Peter Lehmann, Jacob’s Creek, Bacardi, Sileni, Bernard Magrez, Casa Ermelinda Freitas, Champagne Collet, Dewar’s and Label 5.

“We are extremely happy to hear that our 1808 Barely Legal performed so well at CWSA Best Value 2018”, reported Codie Palmer, Master Distiller at Illegal Tender Rum Co. “Winning a Gold Medal in the company of other high quality and well known Australian brands shows us that we’re on track to our ambition to produce the smoothest super premium spirits with a distinctive Australian taste.”

“As a new company we’re very excited by the future opportunities that the Chinese market can offer us. We will be showing off our CWSA Medals to ensure everyone will see how proud the team are that Illegal Tender are a Gold CWSA Medal Winner, again. “

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The History of Rum – Part Five – Rum Rebellion

We are back to peel yet another layer back from the amazing history that is rum! Part three will take you across the seas during what we now call Australia Day…

January 26, 1808 (doesn’t that year sound familiar) was once the time of an uprising in which Gov. William Bligh and the corps took rums name through to the end, unaware that this day in history would turn into what it has today for the Australian community.

Despite rum not necessarily having been the main cause of this uprising, due to its presence as currency during William Bligh being overthrown in the Government House… This was to be called the Rum Rebellion for decades to come!

1808… Being such a distinct moment in history both in 2018 and 210 years ago in 1808, the connection between this piece of history and our 1808 Barely Legal cane spirit is much more logic than one may deem upon first examination.

“This spirit is a tribute to the men & women who founded Australia, the rule breakers, the battlers, and the ones who never gave in.” –  A history that Illegal Tender Rum Co has embraced in the process of creating two international multi-award winning products where each sip can take you back to a history you never actually experienced. Now that’s an uprising.

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The History of Rum – Part Three – Rum Facts

As with all, the true beauty always lies in something’s past. Rum has been traded among us for too long to not take the time to understand its history!

Without further delay, here are only a handful of facts from Rum’s past that can seem out of this world…

  1. The small amount of rum that was given to the sailors of the Royal Navy was referred to as a “tot o’ rum”
  2. Before sailors in the Royal Navy were given a daily tot of rum, they had been forced to put up with French brandy.
  3. Popular names for some rum-based drinks or cocktails are Painkiller, Jagertree and Zombie.
  4. The infamous Admiral Nelson that died in the Battle of Trafalgar had his body preserved in a cask of rum before it was laid to rest.
  5. “Rum Sour”, one of the many famous ways to drink rum, was created in Barbados and served in a conch shell.
  6. The colour or depth of darkness of a batch of rum depends on the time spent in a barrel.
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Knock Out Competition

Knock Out Comp

Dongara’s Emergency Services Knock Out Competition was held over the weekend!

The Emergency Services Team usually only meet in critical situations which is why the Knock Out Competition is held, giving the team a chance to get together and mingle in more relaxed conditions. The competition includes the team forming smaller groups of 6 and going head to head in an obstacle course.

Illegal Tender Rum Co donated a bottle as a prize toward the competition at the time of the Dongara Police Gold Day.

Here are some pictures of the mascot race!

Knock Out Comp

Knock Out Comp

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Our new calendar!


Illegal Tender Rum Co is getting quite busy, which is why we now have a calendar of events!

Our calendar includes any upcoming venue tastings held by Stefano Urso, our WA Brand Ambassador, as well as community events we are attending / participating in.

As part of the calendar you have access to a map for each event and any other info or links that will make it a lot easier for you to come and see / support us!

Check out our new calendar of events here.