Stableviews Distillery Abrolhos Gin

Stableviews Distillery Abrolhos Gin


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Batch 3 Available Now – Brewed, Double Distilled, Steeped and Hand bottled on premise.
This Gin will vary slightly from batch to batch due to it’s craft nature and the addition of the steeping process to garner the beautiful blue hue that will add subtle flavour
changes to the spirit with the steep time being slightly different each batch in order to gain consistency in colour.
An earthly green flavoured Gin that is best enjoyed with a light tonic and garnish to enhance the native flavours – our distiller recommends Green Apple Slices, Celery or Blue Berries.

The Houtman Abrolhos is a chain of 122 islands, about 60km off the Geraldton coast of Western Australia. An archipelago with crystal blue waters and an abundance of sea life, we envisioned a premium Gin that would include native Island Botanicals.

After 6 months of scouting, foraging and cultivating our own botanicals with a second re-distillation to perfect the balance between the base botanicals and the added Grey Saltbush and Beaded Samphire, we finally had success with converting a yellow Hued Gin into a delectable Blue hue after the steeping of the additional green botanicals, emulating the Abrolhos in both tastes and looks.

We foraged for native botanicals that are found on the Abrolhos Islands. These are handpicked, cleaned, lightly blanched, rinsed and then steeped into the high ABV Spirit for up to 48 hours. They were then painstakingly hand-milled, weighed and put through a vapour basket in 45-minute interval changes over a 3 day second/spirit distillation.

– Grey Saltbush
– Beaded Samphire
– Juniper
– Licorice Root
– Angelica Root
– Cassia Quill
– Clove
– Lemon & Lime Peel
– Green Cardamom Pod
– Coriander seed

Some of this was also included into the vapour basket during distillation for extra flavour. This additional steep has turned the Yellow Resinous Gin into the beautiful turquoise blue that has been bottled after being lightly filtered. The addition of these botanicals gave the Gin an earthy and herbaceous taste. The added botanicals have resulted in tastes like green apple skins, cucumber, slight capsicum hints with a very light tang and smell of ‘salt spray’.

Hand Bottled, Labelled and packaged on Premise in Dongara.

One of a kind spirit, extremely limited amounts.