Illegal Tender Rum Spiced Bottle

Spiced – Batch 1, 11-100 Collectors Series



What more is there to say? This is the FIRST EVER batch that has been brewed, distilled, barrel aged, spiced, bottled, capped, labelled, and packaged. Sitting dormant in our hand built distillery for the last year until the Illegal Tender Rum Co went out into the world to make a name for itself.

This is a milestone, having used hand labellers and hand bottling techniques that were phased out almost straight after the first release, these bottles are a testament to how far we have come and to our heritage.

A collectors delight of which to have on hand, a captured part of our legacy. Where time stands still in the elixir of the final spirit in the bottle, sure to be a sought after collectorโ€™s item in the near future.


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