Distillers Cut

Distillers Cut


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– The World Rum Award Trifecta.

This Product was recently awarded Worlds Best Column Distilled Rum 5 Years Old and Under at the 2022 World Rum Awards! The THIRD year in a row our Distillers Cut Super Premium Rum has taken out the award!

Aged in Ex – Red, French Oak casks for a minimum of 2 years or the equivalent of 8 maturation seasons in our unique Dongara Climate.

Since the 16th of April 2016 our Master Distiller has meticulously tended to the barrels aging at Illegal Tender Rum Co, from moving the casks location to get some Dongara sunshine onto them to then keeping them cool in summer out of the intense heat we have here in the Mid-West.

Each bottle of Distillers Cut has the mark of quality on them, from the rum’s initial distillation to the bottle you are purchasing, you can be assured this rum will be one to be savoured.

* each bottle will vary slightly in colour due to seasonal variances beyond the control of Illegal Tender Rum Co. Colour in picture is not a direct indication of colour of the bottle you may receive.

100% Sugar FREE final Product

Tasting Notes: 

A sophisticated spirit that entertains your palate, with distinct cane flavours ranging from brown sugar to a buttery crème brule. A light bite on the back of the throat indicates the shiraz cask used for ageing, which pronounces that you are in fact drinking a barrel aged rum. At 45% ABV it is certain to be the smoothest rum you will ever have the pleasure to SIP.

A very pleasing aftertaste, light warmth that will dissipate to the back palate and warmth filling your body – the way it should be!

A fantastic edition to any well-stocked bar for the imaginative bartender

Bottle Size: 500ml

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Please be patient as we are working meticulously to ensure your first experience of rum from Illegal Tender Rum Co is beyond perfect, there are no shortcuts with perfection.

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