For the second year in a row, the World Rum Awards 2021 has recognised Illegal Tender Rum Co as the winners of style. The charming name of this Australian rum distillery pays homage to Australia’s earliest history, to a time when rum was the unofficial form of tender. In the world of tasteful drinks, to be judged against an international curation of exceptional beverages and selected as a winner is an accomplishment like no other. Read on to learn more about what makes these premium Australian flavours deliciously memorable.

About The Award: Column Still

The World Rum Awards 2021 has selected winners from the best internationally recognised styles of rum, as it does every year. The world’s best rum of the Column Still “Category 5 years & under” style remains awarded to Illegal Tender Rum Co Distillers’ Cut for the second year in a row. This category crowns the best rum made using a column distillation method after 3 rounds of judging by a panel of leading international design experts. Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s winning flavours won the judges over after having gone twice through a column distillation apparatus to draw out their perfectly smooth, lingering taste. The announcement of this win comes as no big surprise, as the distillery is known for crafting distinctly full flavours and use of 100% Australian ingredients. 

Great Rum Is More Than Great Style

With humble beginnings on a farm in Dongara, Western Australia, Illegal Tender Rum Co is quickly gaining momentum and making their mark in the world of sophisticated drinks. Many who try a sip are surprised to know that they were only founded in 2015. And while their flavoursome spirits come in classy glass bottles, they are much more than their suave appearance. 

Each of the spirits from the curated range is handcrafted using 100% Australian ingredients. To get their signature flavours, they use dark brown cane sugar from Queensland. It’s no wonder they stood out at the World Rum Awards 2021.

To find the right recipe, the founder tried and tested 328 variations to ensure that each sip of their spirits is an experience to remember. These spirits are distilled twice in small batches of only 500 bottles, spiced using fruits, plants, herbs, and seeds that are native to Australia. Later on in the process, 5 distilled spices (kakadu plum, lemon myrtle, quandong, wild rosella, and wattleseed) are added to create the perfect blend of undertones and sweetness. By sourcing the right native ingredients for their natural flavour and sugars, it completely eliminates the need for additives when crafting the perfect Australian rum.

Another Day, Another Medal

Upon being announced as a winner of the World Rum Awards 2021, founder and Master Distiller Codie Palmer is thrilled for these truly Australian spirits to be earning more international recognition.

Illegal Tender Rum Co is not unfamiliar with winning as they have previously received a number of different medals from around the world including the International Wine & Spirit Competition, the Chinese Wine and Spirit Awards, and the CWSA Best Value Awards. They comment:

China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA)

“This win, it is just amazing. To have the world’s best (award) again, is just phenomenal. A real pinch moment. When we first started (Illegal Tender Rum Co) we dreamed of this sort of accolade, and to back it up and win the 2021 world rum awards, it’s a highlight that’s for sure. It just shows the true skills our distiller Codie has for making Rum, something most don’t truly appreciate till they are sipping on the distillers cut, neat and able to appreciate his ability to produce a rum that is second to none.”

In a good month, the distillery only produces 3,000 bottles as a result of their dedication to crafting an authentic drinking experience. To avoid missing out, customers will have to get in quick before they sell out, or wait eagerly in line for the next drop. Having gained international recognition at the World Rum Awards 2021 for their unforgettable Australian flavours, Illegal Tender Rum Co is easily a name to add to your list of favourites.