We finally made it to our first anniversary! And what a year it has been. From digging trenches kilometres long for a non-existent internet connection, Building a shed by ourselves with almost no experience, having finally put the last screw into said shed only to be told that the custom built still we had ordered isn’t the measurements you thought it was, which made it over a meter higher than the original shed!

That was how our Christmas of 2015 was spent, elevating a sheds roof that we thought was right to begin with to fit in our still that was 6 months late and the wrong size. There are so many stories like these that make this one year of being open for business milestone even more incredible, from where we have come to where we are now.

On the 31st of July 2016 we released our first product for sale, with no money left to our names and one hell of a story behind us we were apprehensive to say the least. It takes a special kind of crazy to sell everything you own including two cars, a motorbike and your house and effectively put it all on black for a passion you believe in. It’s much easier now to reflect at the gravity of the situation we were facing back then and just how special it was to see how well received our initial release was.

Since our first release we have been working our backsides off to prove that our product is world class. The best way to get an ‘idea’ of your products is to enter them into the various reputable world spirit competitions and assess the judges critiques – at no stage did we think we would win awards, we intended to use the judges information to hone our skills in the constantly evolving craft of distillation. We are extremely proud to say that we are currently three from three in world spirit competitions, having placed and received medals from all competitions!

Our 1808 Barely Legal New make Cane spirit has received a Bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirit awards, and more recently won a Silver and Bronze at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition, Silver for the flavour profile and Bronze for its bottle design.

Our flagship product, the ever popular Bush Tucker Spiced certainly impressed also, having received a very impressive Silver and Platinum medal at the American SIP awards. Silver for flavour profile and Platinum for bottle design. The Bush Tucker Spiced also received a bronze medal for bottle design at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Of course we would not be here without our dedicated followers and patriotic fans, and I believe it is appropriate to reflect on where we have come together. Without you it would not be possible to have had the impact and reach that our brand has had, and we are proud to have people like you backing us every step of the way – for that, thanks will never be enough but thank-you all the same. We cannot wait to see what the next year entails and we invite you on this ever changing journey we are on together.

Codie Palmer
Founder/Director/Head Distiller
Illegal Tender Rum Co