Rum and food pairings aren’t often seen, but by trying out some of the combinations below, you’re sure to be in for a treat. It turns out there are lots of lovely dishes that go with the flavourful and versatile spirit, and here we’re going to suggest some tasty combinations. Rum is a complex spirit that can compliment almost any aspect of your menu. 


Who doesn’t like a good appetiser? Perfect to whet your palate when you’re going in for a beautiful meal. Here are some appetisers and finger foods that go beautifully with a rum.


When having cheese appetisers, you need a good strong flavoured cheese to go with a rum cocktail. The Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail; a rum, ginger beer and lemon juice cocktail is the perfect, easy to make choice for cheese and rum pairing. Parmesan is one of those cheeses that has a very powerful flavour that only a good rum cocktail can match. But if you want a cheese with lots of flavour, but not quite as strong as parmesan, an aged cheddar, or an aged gouda is a perfect rum and food pairing. 


What better option than some nuts to pick away at while you socialise, waiting for your meal. Try out our clean Distillers Cut rum to go along with the moreishness of nuts such as roasted almonds, cashews and peanuts. This will be a tasty finger picking snack that doesn’t take away from the beautiful flavours offered from a rum tasting


grilled shrimps corn garnished lime sage

Not quite an appetiser, not quite a main right? Who doesn’t love a good first course before a meal? Make sure to check out this rum and food pairing.


Having a seafood entrée such as prawns or white fish go perfectly with a rum cocktail. Although you might have to be careful as the strong rum flavours can overpower the seafood and ruin your food. Instead, choose a good rum punch or a mojito which will pair wonderfully with the delicate umami tastes of seafood.


A safer entrée for those with seafood allergies to pair with rum would be chicken, such as spicy grilled chicken wings. Wonders can be made with a straight spiced spirit and chicken wing pairing. If you’re wanting to explore further, almost any spicy foods will go with Australian rum

Whilst spicy chicken wings are one of the best flavours to match with spiced spirit, you can go a bit easier, and just pair the spiced spirit with a small simple grilled chicken breast.


The Best Rum and Meat

Ah, the main course, the most important part of any meal and let’s be honest, the real reason we’re all at the dinner table. It’s the heart of the meal and one without a good main course, might leave you disappointed. There are a million different main course meals that will be a great pairing without any issues, but we’ve picked out some extra tasty ones to try for your next event.

Red Meat

Red meat is perhaps the best pairing of meat you can have with an aged rum; any steak or red meat cut will be a great choice. Those heavy flavours in the steak will be made richer from the notes of the aged spirit. Another great choice is to have a classic beef burger. There isn’t much that doesn’t go with a burger, and an aged rum is the best match in our opinion.

Pulled Pork 

Eating pulled pork can be one of the most delicious food experiences you can have, so a good spiced spirit will only enhance the flavour exponentially. The sweetness of the pork is a perfect pairing to have with something as complex as our Illegal Tender Rum Co. spiced spirit


milk chocolate nuts raisins dark jamaican

If you’re one of those people who wants to order dessert after a hearty dinner, you should be proud. The main course might be the reason you have dinner but the dessert is really what makes you stay at the table and end the night on a beautiful note. Having a dessert is the best way to end an evening, whether it’s with a loved one or some friends, never shy away from it, and especially don’t shy away from having a rich, sweet rum to go with it. Here are some suggestions that will surely make you drool if you’re unsure what to have with your rum.

Lava Cake

If you’re one for a rich, decadent dessert, such as a lava cake pairs perfectly with an aged rum or Spiced spirit. Delicate notes of smoke and coffee will be accentuated by the richness of dark chocolate. With a pairing like this one, you’re sure to feel luxuriously indulged in the richness of flavours. 

Fruity Milk Chocolate

If you have more of a sweet tooth and the dark chocolate sounds too heavy for you, a nice fruity, milk chocolate might be more to your taste. The fruitiness in the chocolate has a delicately sweet flavour and pairing it with a rum brings out soft floral notes, presenting a softer dessert. If unsure what fruit to pick, go with chocolate raisins and pair them with a lighter rum such as our Distillers Cut Rum, as it still slightly accentuates the warm notes within the rum, without it being overbearing.

Don’t hesitate to try out these amazing pairings!

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There are many different varieties of food combinations that go perfectly with a nice rum or spirit. They’re all easy enough to make for a social gathering or for a particularly special night with a loved one. 

So, don’t hesitate, if you see a rum and food pairing that excites your taste buds, make sure to visit any of our distributors listed here to grab our rum or buy our products directly from our website for the best rum for sale online from a rum distillery in Australia you can trust. 

Bon appetit and Cheers!