Codie has given you the low down on our first 12 months. In this article I am going to cast our eye forward to the next 12 months.

Currently at Illegal Tender Rum Co, we have been injecting all of our time and money into the construction of our first cellar door. This has been a venture in itself, having to gain council approval for the structure which is taking up majority of our time. At last, construction starts next week with the final touch set to be complete at the start of September! This, we hope will see many locals and tourists flock to our beautiful town on the Batavia coast to see what our story and distillery tour is all about, and we can’t wait!

We are in collaboration with a WA Brewery to bring something magical to all you legends who also love a can! This has remained ‘top secret’, there will be further details once the beverage is almost ready ;)

With the recent success of this year’s round of Spirit awards we are in a position to expand our brand and reach interstate and possibly internationally, this will take time and a great team to be put together to achieve. We will also be looking to expand our current size to meet our optimistic demands in the future.

We are also aiming in the next 12 months to be able to create some form of RTD (Ready To Drink) beverage that will be available online and through very select outlet stores.

Codie is always thinking of ways to be innovative and is looking towards creating his own barrel aged fortified wines (Port) and then also re-using those barrels to age premium rum in which creates an extremely complex character of spirit.

Being constantly on the ball with where our knowledge and skills are at in the ever-changing alchemical world of distilling is something we take great pride in, and now that we know where our products are at on the world stage we will be looking to tweak our processes to become a gold/double gold standard across the world. This of course takes time and a mandatory 2 year barrel age for the product to be legally called ‘Rum’.

We look forward to these projects as well as new ideas coming our way and cannot wait to have all of you legends join us as we venture into a bigger, better Illegal Tender Rum Co.