Short answer – YES! Well, at least ours definitely are. For all you gluten-free folks out there who love a good drink, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because Illegal Tender’s spirits are made from brown cane sugar from Queensland. Our Australian rum is 100% free from wheat and other grains, making them perfect for anyone with a gluten sensitivity.

Other brands of plain rum also tend to be gluten-free, as they are usually made from a sugar cane by-product and do not contain barley, wheat, or rye. However, this only applies to standard plain rum, as spiced or flavoured rums often contain added ingredients that may include gluten. This can often trigger a celiac disease attack in people who are prone to it. Some distilleries also process other spirits which could lead to cross-contamination from Wheat or grains in the brewery area. Here at Illegal Tender Rum Co., we simply focus on rum and can GUARANTEE no cross-contamination.

So, if you’re looking for a range of sophisticated Australian beverages that are sure to have 0% gluten or added sugar, try our naturally sweetened spirits. Find out below how we keep our award-winning spirits free from the nasty stuff.

A better kind of Rum

What makes our spirits gluten-free all boils down to the top quality ingredients we source and the care we put into crafting our spirits. We believe that great rum doesn’t need extra sugars and additives post-distillation. Instead, our delicious sugar-free and gluten-free spirits are made only with native Australian fruits and spices. And while we do use brown cane sugar from Queensland to kick-start the fermentation process, the double distillation process means that all the sugar converts to alcohol at the end. This means that the final product is free from both sugar and gluten.

Spiced Spirits

So, Is Rum Gluten Free?

The next time you are out shopping for some top quality rum that has no gluten ingredients, check the back of the bottle. It’s usually the extra stuff added after the beverage is distilled that contain gluten from grain extracts. It’s likely that you will find gluten protein in the sugar, flavouring, extra spices, colouring, and additives present in most flavoured and spiced rum brands.

A problem you might face when buying rum is that distillers are not required to report some trace ingredients in their rum. While you will find the names of the ingredients used in most rums, you can’t always tell the source and protein make-up of each one. So when you pick up a bottle and ask “is rum gluten free”, just checking the ingredient list might not show you the trace gluten hidden inside. Luckily, our spirits here at Illegal Tender Rum Co. come with an honest and detailed breakdown of each ingredient that goes into our sophisticated beverages, so you can see exactly what is going into your body.

Does rum contain wheat?

Added ingredients

While distillers do not use grains like wheat, barley, or rye as their base ingredients for rum, and use sugar cane products, the final product should be gluten-free if the process is done to a high standard. Rum businesses also sometimes note on the back of their bottles a word of caution for cross-contamination in facilities that produce other types of beverages that use grains. As we mentioned above, it’s mostly the extra ingredients that are added after the rum is distilled that contains gluten proteins.

Post-distillation add back

Another way that gluten from wheat or other grains get back into the bottle after the fermentation process is through post-distillation add backs. This is a method where the distiller scoops out a bit of the mash produced through fermentation and puts it into the bottles or even the whole barrel. It is typically done when making ryes, bourbons, and whiskeys to add the original flavours back into a bottle, but can be done with some rum too.

Barrelmakers’ methods & distillery practices

Some barrel makers or cooperages add a tiny bit of wheat paste in the croze of a barrel (the grooves cut inside of the barrel on either side) as a sealant. This might explain why some people with celiac disease can have a reaction to beverages from certain brands of alcohol, even if the beers, spirits, or wines themselves have no added grains. At Illegal Tender, we age our spirits in ex-Red, French Oak casks for at least 2 years in Dongara’s 8 maturation season climate. Because we take such care and choose only the best native ingredients, we are upfront about what goes into our rums and how they are crafted with skill. So anytime someone asks “is rum gluten free?” we just show them the back of a bottle.

Taste Real Australian Rum

Now that you know what goes into a bottle of rum, stop paying for bottled sugar. Instead, choose Illegal Tender’s naturally sweetened rums that have 0% gluten and added sugar for sweetness and depth of flavour that people have come to know and love.

If you are looking for some variety in your rum and spirits without the added gluten ingredients or sugar, opt for Illegal Tender Rum Co. Choose our Spiced Spirit to kick things up a notch, our 1808 Barely Legal for an added depth of flavours, or our multi-award winning Distiller’s Cut for something stylish. No matter which of our spirits you choose, you can trust that you’re in for a luxurious experience.