You may have heard of Dan Murphy’s Decoded Wine Awards, but did you know about this year’s Decoded Spirits Awards?

For the first time, more than 600 spirits were blind-tasted over a period of five days to decide the winners from each category. A total of 10 judges were chosen for this task and by the end of the day, they named our very own Distillers’ Cut as the best Australian rum. This comes as no surprise, with the spirit already winning gold at the World Rum Awards earlier this year. Demand for the product is now so high that our master distiller’s own grandmother was helping to label the bottles this week.

Why is Distillers’ Cut so unique?

Our master distiller Codie Palmer is personally involved in the production and selection of the rum chosen for Distillers’ Cut. He has even come to describe the drop as his “surrogate children”. But what exactly makes this rum so delicious?

Codie explains that weather and ingredients play an important role in creating this award-winning rum. “We have some amazing weather here for maturation. We get extremely high temperatures in summer and very low temperatures in winter. And what that does is it gives the ability for these casks to expand and contract, and really mature that spirit quickly.” Our unique West Australian climate gives Distillers’ Cut its distinct flavour making it a customer favourite and bringing prestige to our Australian rum distillery. But much like with any other spirit, it’s the ingredients and the processes used that separate an award winner from the rest. “Distillers’ Cut is a two-year-old or over, aged product. We ferment it from dark brown cane sugar base. It’s double-distilled and then matured for 8 seasons and they’re virtually released as a single cask and only released when I’ve tasted them, they have that beautiful colour and they’re all to the quality we’ve come to know from Illegal Tender.” Codie’s meticulous work and high standards are what differentiate our rum from traditional spirits, and the core reason why Distillers’ Cut won at the Dan Murphy’s Decoded Spirits Awards.

Distillers Cut Online

What does Distillers’ Cut taste like?

To be a category winner at the Dan Murphy’s spirits awards your spirit must really have a distinct and superior taste. Disitllers’ Cut flavour can best be described by Codie’s words. “The first tasting notes that come to my mind are kind of like a buttery almost creme brulee lot flavour with a hint of raisin to get that nice little fruity touch as well. And the most important thing about the product, tasting-wise, is that there’s almost no burn. It’s at 45% abv purely because at 40% it was way too easy to drink.” This certainly didn’t go unnoticed at the inaugural Decoded Spirits Awards where a team of 10 judges chose our rum, against dozens of others, as the best one in Australia. The award-winning Distillers’ Cut can now be found at your local liquor shop, including all Dan Murphy’s stores. If you prefer, it can also be ordered online from our website, or for a distillery tours experience, you can come visit us in Dongara.

Where to next for Illegal Tender?

Winning at the World Rum Awards and now at the Dan Murphy’s awards means having reached the pinnacle for Illegal Tender Rum Co. Although our goal is still to make quality rum, we have decided to extend our distilling skills to the world of gin. Our Stableviews distillery is already producing two types of gin, Dry Australian Gin and Abrolhos Gin. We aim to achieve the same level of success with gin as we have with rum. Our dream would be to have both win at the Dan Murphy’s spirits awards and to be recognised as great Australian gin distillers. Illegal Tender Rum Co. has created the best distilled rum in the country, so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to also make the best gin. With Codie’s experience and our business expanding we might soon see this happen.