For the third year running our local distillery, Illegal Tender Rum Co has taken home gold for one of its best spirits. The iconic Distillers’ Cut, already the winner of the 2020 and 2021 editions, has once again won gold at the 2022 World Rum Awards. These prestigious global awards have selected our very own Australian spirit as the winner in its rum category, making it one of the best rums on the market.

What are the World Rum Awards?

The World Rum Awards are a prestigious global awards in charge of selecting the very best rums from a range of different styles and categories. They receive entries from all over the world and only award the top three competitors with gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Distilleries can enter their spirits in both the taste categories and design categories offered by the awards. The taste categories are based on the different styles of rum and production processes. For example, white rum vs spiced rum, or pot vs column still rum. The design categories award the spirits with the most aesthetic looks, such as best bottle, label or limited edition design. 

 How is the rum judged?

A judging panel composed of international journalists, specialist drinks retailers, and industry experts is tasked with selecting the best spirits. The judging process is split into two rounds. In Round 1, each rum is tested according to its relevant style and a winner is crowned with a gold medal. In Round 2, each style winner is tested against each other to identify the best rum in each category. To make the process fair, a total of three bottles is provided to the judging panel, with one being chosen at random for the tasting.

All design judging is conducted by a separate group of international judges who specialize in the field. 

Style Winner for 3 years running

The 2022 World Rum Awards judges were once again in agreement over which rum deserved the top spot. For the third year running, Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s Distillers’ Cut received a gold medal in the column still category for rums aged 5 years and under.

Distillers Cut Online

What is column still rum? Column stills became common during the first quarter of the 19th century. Unlike the traditional pot stills, column stills contain multiple chambers stacked on top of each other. The design allows for continuous distillation resulting in a higher yield compared to the conventional pot stills. But the biggest advantage of column stills is that they produce a purer and cleaner distillate, which is ideal for distilleries producing rum.

Illegal Tender Rum Co.’s award-winning Distillers’ Cut is produced using column stills and aged for a minimum of 2 years in French Oak casks. These factors, along with the unique Dongara climate of regional WA, give the rum its distinct flavour. 

The formula for success

Every spirit and rum at Illegal Tender Rum Co., including our award-winning Distillers’ Cut, is handcrafted from 100% Australian ingredients. Our signature flavour comes from using dark brown sugarcane from Queensland.

To find the perfect formula, our master distiller, Codie Palmer tried and tested numerous variations before inventing the perfect Australian rum. The process starts with collecting soft rainwater, which contains lots of nutrients and is free of salts and other harmful elements. The water is then UV filtered and Fine Micron filtered, but still retains its low mineral content, which is what differentiates it from ground and spring water. Sugar is the next important ingredient in rum production. At Illegal Tender Rum Co., we only use dark brown sugarcane from Queensland, which gives our rum its distinct flavour. Yeast is needed for fermentation, and unlike most distilleries, we have our own proprietary blend of yeast. Enhanced by our secret and unique methods, the blend is able to produce a greater yield whilst optimizing the flavour. Distillation comes next, and at Illegal Tender Rum Co. we use column stills for the process. This results in a higher yield and produces a cleaner and purer distillate. The final step is barrel aging, which as mentioned before, is done in French Oak casks It is no mystery why this Australian rum received a gold medal at the World Rum Awards 2022.

Given our success at these prestigious global awards, Illegal Tender has decided to expand its crafting expertise to gin. Continuing to pioneer the production of spiced rum and white rum, using Australian ingredients, will also be a top priority for one of Australia’s fastest-growing spirits businesses. You can find our award-winning rum for sale online, or at your local Dan Murphy’s.