OK legends – on those cold winter nights while you are mulling the world through a glass of the good stuff – hopefully a drop of our award winning spiced your thoughts may stray to just what is “Rum” and where did it all begin.

Glad you asked!

Peeps have been distilling, brewing and fermenting stuff since long before we had Wikipedia but common knowledge indicates the original Rums likely started in ancient India or China and then once travellers got a taste of the good stuff, well it spread from there. Malaysian “Brum” has been made for 10s of centuries and appears to be one of the possible origins of today’s “Rum”. Marco Polo documented his encounter with “sugar wine” in the 14th century in Iran. So although the origins predate our memories it is certain that every country now has their own tot of the good stuff.

The Brits gave rations of “Navy Rum” to their sailors, although at 95.5 proof they quickly advised that it be mixed with lime juice or water lest the crew went mad and fell overboard!

Here in Australia, Rum was even a currency in colonial times. Conditions were said to be so damned uncomfortable that a good bottle of Rum was the only thing to help the population forget their woes. In fact labourers were enticed with a bottle of Australian Rum to encourage them to work the land of their masters. Sounds like a good deal!

Here at Illegal Tender Rum Co we are eagerly awaiting the count down to our first official batch of the good stuff that we reckon we will commit to Wikipedia so people will remember where our legend began!

Pictured above: a “Cuba Libre” – white rum, lime juice and your favourite cola on the rocks with a wedge of lime – cheers!