Let’s take you across the seas to a date back in 1808, that we now call Australia Day… an amazing part of our rum history! 

January 26, 1808 (doesn’t that year sound familiar?) was once the time of an uprising in which Governor William Bligh and the corps took rum’s name through to the end, unaware that this day in history would turn into what it has today for the Australian community.

While rum was not necessarily the main cause of this uprising, due to it being used as a currency at the time of the coup d’etat, this particular time in history has been referred to as the Rum Rebellion for decades to come!

1808 was such a distinct moment in the history of rum. 210 years later, in 2018, the connection between this piece of history and our 1808 Barely Legal cane spirit is much more logical than one may deem upon the first examination.

“This spirit is a tribute to the men & women who founded Australia, the rule breakers, the battlers, and the ones who never gave in.” –  A history that Illegal Tender Rum Co has embraced in the process of creating multi international award-winning products where each sip can take you back to a history you never actually experienced. Now that’s an uprising.