Not sure what to get dad this Father’s Day? Try surprising him with our naturally sweet, award-winning spirits and put a smile on his face. One of the many great things about our rum, besides the fact that they are 100% sugar-free, is that they pair beautifully with many other foods and drinks. 

The buttery taste of our Distiller’s Cut, our generously flavoured Spiced Cane Spirit, or light-bodied 1808 Barely Legal Cane Spirit is the perfect centrepieces around which you can build the best Father’s Day gift in Australia, letting dad enjoy a little bit of everything instead of worrying about getting him the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Plus, once the last drop of rum is gone, our classy glass bottles will look great on a display shelf alongside other charming collectibles, so dad will always remember the time and effort you spent celebrating him with a thoughtful Australian rum gift. To get started, keep reading to learn about unique ways to make the best Father’s Day alcohol gifts.

How To Make The Best Father’s Day Gift Australia 2021

illegal tender rum giftset

Our spirits have won several awards worldwide for taste and style, making them perfect as a Father’s Day gift in Australia. When you give a bottle of our sophisticated spirits as a gift, it tells the recipient that they are one special person who deserves only the best. Choose from our curated Australian rum gift sets, or design your own personalised gift basket. 

The Classy Rum Connoisseur 

Give dad the best of the best with our Illegal Tender 3 Pack that features our three winning rums in one. With over 16 International awards to give them a claim to fame, help dad stock up his home bar in style with a choice of these 3 premium spirits. Garnish the basket with some dark chocolate truffles, beef jerky, and limes to kick things up a notch. Or snatch up our limited edition Illegal Tender Gift Set that comes pre-packaged in a classy gift box. 

The Tiki Time

Give dad a taste of a much-needed tropical holiday and make him a Tiki-themed gift basket. Our Spiced Rum has the perfect blends of native Australian fruits and spices that can transport your taste buds to sandy shores and endless mojitos in just a sip. Decorate the gift basket with Tiki mugs, some fresh fruit, small juice bottles, and tropical-inspired decorations like mini umbrellas and fun straws. 

The Rum & Cola

Give dad a Rum and Cola cocktail kit filled with everything he needs to make drinks that impress. A favourite bottle of rum, Coca Cola cans, savoury nuts, and smoky jerky are all you need to make the perfect Rum and Coke kit.

The Sailor

On the topic of customs kits, deliver a taste of Bermuda with a Dark and Stormy rum basket. Perfect for dad whether he swears like a sailor or not at all. A smooth dark rum like our Distiller’s Cut, bottles of ginger beer, and some fresh limes make for a minimal yet thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Australia.

The Great Escape

The perfect drink to pair with a record playing Rupert Holmes’ hit song “Escape” is a classic piña colada. Decorate the kit with a can or two of coconut milk, a bottle of pineapple juice, a cocktail shaker, packs of freeze-dried pineapple crisps, and a bottle of our light and sweet 1808 Barely Legal Cane Spirit. 

The Three Course

Whether you’ve chosen to go with our Distiller’s Cut or a 3-pack, you can treat dad to a Father’s Day meal that pairs well with the rum of your choice. Rum and Coke would pair well with heavier foods like a burger or a steak, whereas sipping rums pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts. Sharper rum mixes like mojitos or daiquiris go well with seafood starters like fish tacos or prawn skewers. Sweeter drinks like coconut-based piña colada would go perfectly with poultry dishes like satay or jerk chicken. 

Good Drinks Make Great Days

With a drink as versatile as rum, you can’t go wrong with curating the perfect Father’s Day gift Australia basket. To choose a gift that is sure to please, give dad our award-winning Distiller’s Cut. Our sugar-free sweetness comes from our double distillation technique that draws out the natural flavours of locally sourced fruits and spices. Without the added sugars, you get a real taste of premium rum made with quality ingredients.

We always want to spoil dad on Father’s day and make his day extra special. Whether you’re hunting for the best gift ideas or things to do around Perth this Father’s day, make sure to keep it local and support WA businesses as much as possible. So if you’re shopping around for the best rum to add to your Father’s Day gift Australia basket, don’t buy a bottle of added sugar – choose Illegal Tender Rum Co. for real flavours instead. Just make sure that these delicious drinks are enjoyed responsibly.