The true joy of rum is that unlike other spirits, which are usually produced in certain regions, and certain climates, a delicious rum can be created anywhere. At Illegal Tender Rum Co., we’re lucky enough to have our distillery in one of the best climates in the world. This allows us to produce some of the highest quality rum and cane spirits that money can buy.

Rum is one of the most accessible and well-known spirits globally. Originally, it was produced in the Caribbean in the 17th century before it was discovered that when left to ferment, sugar, fruit, syrup, and molasses created robust and potent alcohol, and began shipping off around the world. Rum has a strong connotation to the seven seas, the tropics, smugglers, and pirates alike, but did you know that the origins of rum in Australia started as the settlers’ unofficial currency? 

Rum vs Cane Spirits

There are very particular requirements when it comes to earning the “rum” title and it all comes down to the ageing process. Basically, if a rum hasn’t had 2 years to distil in a barrel, it legally isn’t allowed to be called a rum, which is why you might be hearing us refer to some of our products as cane spirits (mainly our renowned Bushtucker Spiced spirit). But as the saying goes, if it looks like rum, smells like rum, tastes like rum…you know the rest. 

Because rum can be made with just about any sugar, variations in the different kinds of spiced and classic rum and cane spirits are endless. What makes our unique products better than most is our foundation ingredient – dark brown cane sugar. We use the highest quality ingredients native to Australia, with all our end products processed to be gluten-free and sugar-free, making our products (whether rum or cane spirit) some of the best in the world.

Sweet, sour, light, heavy, rich, subtle, rum is a truly versatile spirit that is perfect for any occasion, which means there is a rum out there for everyone! With a history as rich and unique as its taste, it’s no wonder why rum has become such a staple in homes and bars across the globe. Here’s a bit of a rundown of how the types of rum/cane spirits can vary.

Dark rum

Dark rum is the richest, most smooth and heavy rum on the market. Usually left to distil for longer periods than its lighter counterparts, the aging process involves oak barrels that have been heavily charred, giving it a deep colour and a sweet, smoky flavour.

There’s a very strong distinction between dark rum and gold rum, which will be looked into below. Dark rum is defined as having a certain caramel taste, such as colouring and molasses after the distillation process. The darker colour and taste denote a fuller, richer flavour profile and can be enjoyed and sipped on its own.

White or Light Rum/Cane spirit

Often believed to be defined by the lesser aging process, white rum (depending again on whether the spirit has been aged for a minimum of 2 years) or white cane spirit actually differs in that it is produced through the process of distilling white sugar. Although it can sometimes be bottled for less time than dark rum, it is usually distilled in stainless steel barrels, and can be aged for the same amount of time as darker rum. White rum or White Cane Spirit is light-bodied, filtered with a crisp taste and is used in many fruit-based cocktails that are associated with summer and sun. Some classic examples are the strawberry daiquiri and the mojito. Perfect on the rocks or mixed into a fresh cocktail!

1808 Barely Legal

Grab yourself a bottle of our 1808 Barely Legal and try it for yourself today.

Our 1808 Barely Legal Cane Spirit goes through a state of the art distillation process and uses the best quality ingredients to showcase the best of both worlds; that of a quality distiller and the exquisite flavour profile of our end product. Created as a homage to our Australian founders, sipping our 1808 Barely Legal will take you back to our Australian roots and history. 

Gold rum

Gold rum is recognised by its caramel hue and perfect in any cocktail as it is incredibly versatile and is not yet distilled with as complex a palette as dark rum. For those people wanting a more flavourful summery cocktail or a lighter alternative to a dark & stormy, gold rum offers a happy medium for whatever the occasion calls for. 

Distillers Cut

Our Distillers Cut and Our Limited Edition First Release 

What makes our fantastic offering of the Illegal Tender Rum Co Distillers Cut different is that we distil our gold selection in dark brown cane sugar. What’s even more interesting to note is by the time our final product is processed and bottled, it contains no sugar at all. Awarded “Worlds Best Column Distilled Rum 5 Years Old and Under” in 2020, our Distillers Cut goes through 8 maturation seasons in the perfect Dongara Climate, creating a sophisticated rum with flavours from brown sugar to buttery crème brulée. 

Our First Release rum is a limited edition collection that takes our 1808 Barely Legal spirit to the next level! By using our gold award-winning White Cane Spirit as the base spirit, our team of passionate distillers nurtured and aged these barrels from start to finish producing an exceptional gold rum. With only 600 bottles available, this exclusive limited-edition Illegal Tender Rum First Release is a historical golden opportunity not to be missed! 

Spiced Rum/Cane Spirit

Like Gold and Dark rums, Spiced rum or Spiced Cane Spirit usually uses additional sweeteners to complement the strong flavours of flavoured spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla clove, and orange. Aged in an oak barrel, gold rum/Cane Spirit is often mixed with spices and the combination “spiced gold” is a favourite rum for amateur mixologists and rum lovers everywhere and perfect for cocktails.

Spiced Rum

Illegal Tender Rum Co. Spiced Cane Spirit

Our Spiced range may be young in spirit but has a distinctly Australian addition of spices to the flavour profile, including a secret blend of flavours such as Kakadu Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Quangdong, Wild Rosella and Wattleseed, amongst other spices. Being the recipient of several international awards, our Spiced Cane Spirit is perfect to drink on its own or in your favourite cocktail and will leave you wanting more! 

All our products are environmentally sustainable and conscious, vegan, preservative-free, and absolutely one of the best. Try our range today, or come and visit us and see just what sets us apart from all the rest. Please drink Australian rum responsibly and thank you for choosing our local spirits.